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Lifestyle Changes to Support Mental Health

November 16, 2023 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

with Bari Klein of Healthy Harford

Mental health and physical health are intrinsically intertwined. Those things that are good for the body are also good for the mind. Come learn about integrating everyday lifestyle habits that can support children’s overall wellness, and contribute to strong resilient bodies and minds. You are what you eat – literally. Every cell is formulated out of what you put into your body, so what children eat, or don’t eat, really does matter. And it it’s not just about protein, carbs and fats. Emulsifiers, stabilizers, colorings, preservatives, etc. found in ultra-processed foods can wreak havoc on the gut brain connection. We are designed to be an animal in motion. What does that mean for children who are required to be stationary for much of the day? Sleep is the brains way of cleaning house. How important is a good night’s rest for mental wellness?

About the Speaker:

Bari is the Executive Director of Healthy Harford, the healthy communities initiative of Harford County, a nonprofit 501c3 coalition of local government agencies, businesses, non-profits, and citizens dedicated to improving the health of Harford County residents through education, policy changes, access to care, and a focus on social determinants of health. She has an over 25-year history of work in public health including environmental and reproductive health, as well as early childhood development. She is an active member of the Harford County Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC) and currently serves as the Chair of the LHIC Behavioral Health Workgroup and the Harford County Mental Health & Addictions Advisory Council in addition to several other boards. In her spare time, Ms. Klein is dedicated to exploring the gut/brain connection, and how good nutrition can support mental wellbeing.




November 16, 2023
11:30 am - 12:30 pm




Mental Health Association of Maryland