Public health emergencies are difficult for anyone to comprehend—especially children. As schools close and we all do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19, here are some resources to help you take care of your child’s mental health, provide structure and activities, and get access to the resources you need.

The coronavirus is a new virus that began in China in December 2019. It can be hard to discern where to go for dependable and up to date information on the recent spread of the coronavirus. Here are some reliable places to go for coronavirus information and updates:

Public health emergencies are not easy for anyone to comprehend or accept—especially children. Creating an open environment, where children feel free to ask questions, will help them to cope during stressful times. Our Children’s Mental Health Matters! Campaign has put together a resource on how to talk to your child about the coronavirus.

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Calm Your Coronavirus Fears

The recent spread of the coronavirus is causing worry in many of us. The Mental Health Association of Maryland has compiled some tips that may help along with a comprehensive resource website.

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