May 3-9 is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week in 2020. Recognizing the importance of mental health awareness and the expressive power of artistic pursuits, Maryland’s First Lady, Mrs. Yumi Hogan, invites children and youth to participate in a statewide art project. Children and youth are asked to create artwork expressing something which makes them feel happy, healthy, and/or hopeful. A selection of artwork will be showcased in Annapolis at the First Lady’s Mental Health Awareness Youth Art Display either digitally or in person in Annapolis at Celebrating Through Art: The First Lady’s Mental Health Awareness Youth Art Display with a reception on Monday, May 4, 2020. We invite your school to participate!

Download the Invitation from Maryland's First Lady and Call for Artwork 

Deadline to submit artwork is Friday, March 13, 2020.

Important Notice:

Due to the recent spread of the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Maryland Department of Disabilities and other state agencies are in a Mandatory Telework phase.  All physical offices are closed until further notice.  If you are trying to submit artwork for the First Lady's Mental Health Youth Awareness Display please MAIL in submissions to the following address.

Maryland Department of Disabilities
ATTN: Kirsten Robb-McGrath
217 E. Redwood St.
Suite 1300 
Baltimore, MD 21202

While the office is closed mail should still be delivered.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility during this time. Information about the art show reception and other Children's Mental Health Matter Campaign activities will be released at a later date. If you have any questions or concerns as it relates to the artshow please email or call Kirsten Robb-McGrath at or 410-736-2794.

Questions may be sent to:
Kirsten Robb-McGrath, Maryland Department of Disabilities

Any other Children's Mental Health Matters! Campaign related questions can be sent to Tiffany Thomas, at