our goal

Our goal is to build a network of information and support for families across Maryland and raise awareness of Children’s Mental Health.

By establishing partnerships with stakeholders and other concerned organizations, recognition of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week will be increased and enhanced. Co-sponsors are working to develop a social marketing campaign to assist with their collaborative efforts.

CMHM in maryland

For the ninth year in a row, the Children’s Mental Health Matters! Campaign has organized events, awareness tools, and media to raise awareness of the importance of children’s mental health.  We encourage you to join our campaign, check our website often for resources, events and other exciting news, as well as participate in raising awareness and encouraging resiliency among Maryland’s children.

past campaign highlights

Check our Youtube page for videos of past campaign highlights including a flash mob at the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

campaign partners

The Maryland Coalition of Families and the Mental Health Association of Maryland invited schools and community agencies to partner with, participate in and support this campaign. More than 300 School and Community Champions participate each year. If you would like to become a Community Champion, please click here for more information.

List of current partners

website, google calendar & facebook

In addition to traditional print and broadcast media, web-based tools will be utilized to disseminate information. Like our facebook page!

marketing materials

A Campaign Awareness Kit is distributed to each partner. We encourage our partners to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week by hosting events, contests, webinars, etc. to show the importance of children’s mental health. To become a community champion, join the Campaign!

campaign coordinators

Kari Gorkos
Campaign Coordinator
Director, Youth & Family Programs
Mental Health Association of Maryland
443-901-1550, ext. 215

Beth Hess
Campaign Coordinator
Director of Social Media and Outreach
Maryland Coalition of Families

campaign posters

2016 poster artwork submissions

Scroll through the gallery to browse artwork submissions for the 2016 CMHM Poster Competition.