With decorations, music, and preparation for the approaching holidays filling our calendars more as December continues to fly by, one thing we should not forget to include on our list is keeping our children prepared to handle the different routines and environments, especially for those with mental health conditions. Child Mind Institute has compiled a list of seasonal tips to help all kids and their families enjoy the festivities ahead with the least amount of stress and the most joy as possible.

  1. Minimize conflict over behavior
  2. Talk to event hosts early
  3. Plan ahead for some peace and quiet
  4. Keep kids occupied
  5. Discuss social expectations
  6. Think about the menu
  7. Manage your expectations

Be sure to take time and explore this valuable article packed full of advice for parents, such as how to keep kids busy in the car, talking to your family about expectations, why it’s important to offer a quiet retreat for your child, helping your picky eater, making memories vs. expecting the perfect holiday along with links to other helpful resources from Child Mind Institute.

Happy Holidays!

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